Purchasing a horse off video 

If you wish to purchase a horse off video- no problem. We provide videos, X-rays, photographs and can even do live Skype videos with you in order to do a meet-and-greet, so you can inspect your horse 'in person'.

                                           Purchasing your horse

 The agency will provide a sales contract to be signed by you and the seller, and arrange for transfer of ownership and papers. In addition to the sale price, a 10% agency fee will be applied which covers all of the services mentioned above, excluding shipping and other fees incurred. The agency fee is clearly defined in the sales contract and agreed upon between all parties. We work for you - take advantage of the service, tell us your criteria and let the agency find the perfect horse for you!

Custom Services

Ready to try out some quality sport horses in Europe? We can book your travel for you, arrange your accommodations and pick-up, and take you to top sale and show barns across Northern France and other regions or adjacent countries. You will try out a number of horses that meet your criteria, pre-selected together, and enjoy some food, wine, and local sights in the process. This service, excluding meals and accommodation, is free of charge if you purchase a horse. 

Travel Services - Trying out horses in France and Europe

We work with top road and air shippers across Europe and the USA. Once the purchase complete, we will quickly arrange for your horse to be shipped in the next flight out to you - you can relax and wait for your horse to arrive to your stable - we handle all the details and will arrange shipping door-to-door for you.

Door-to-Door shipping services

At European Sport Horse Imports, we make sure your buying experience abroad is smooth and easy. From travel, vet checks, purchase and door-to-door shipping services, everything is handled for you.